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Russian Investment Reaches Panama

Source: Summa News, Mar 24, 2009

Sustained growth of the economies of both countries is the starting point of a growing interest from entrepreneurs and investors.

Panama is increasingly getting more tourists from Russia, while expressions of interest for investment in the Central American country are growing, especially in real estate.

Panama Promotes Aquaculture with Israel

Source:, Mar 24, 2009

The governments of Panama and Israel signed an agreement to promote and encourage aquaculture and fishing activities in Panama.

The document "will enable the development of research on the genetics of aquatic organisms, marine fish pathology, reproduction, maturation, growth rate and evaluation and research of the farmed species in aquaculture." said Reynaldo Perez-Guardia, director of the Aquatic Resource Authority of Panama (ARAP).

Panama Pacific represents $100 million investment this year

Source: The Panama Post, Mar 23, 2009

London & Regional Panama (L&R), the leading developer of the Panama Pacific Special Economic Area located at the site of the former Howard U.S. Air Force Base, plans to invest $100 million in 2009 on infrastructure and the first buildings of the PanAmerica Corporate Center and International Business Park.
Panama Pacific takes advantage of labor cost, immigration and tax benefits established by Law 41.

Panama is among the best countries for cleaner production

Source: The Panama Post, Mar 16, 2009

Panama has made significant advances in managing treatment of sewage and industrial waste. These make it the region's second country to have an advanced sewage handling system.

Panama ranks high in the region for its level of industrial environmental compliance, second only to Costa Rica.

Job creation increase in Panama

Source:, Mar 16, 2009

While the grim estimates of the International Labor Organization warned that 50 million people could join the ranks of the unemployed in the world because of the international financial and economic crisis, 20,573 people in Panama were hired in the month of January, reflecting a growth of 21.6% over the same period in 2007.

Panduit expands operations in Panama

Source: The Panama Post, Mar 16, 2009

Panduit, a global producer of multimedia platform solutions, has expanded its operations in Panama with the appointment of Eduardo Stanziola Rivera, an information systems engineer, as account manager.

According to José Pablo Mora, Panduit's Regional Manager for Central America, the appointment of the new executive is largely due to the growth of the Panamanian market, especially the construction sector, which has shown great vitality in recent years.

Panama is promoted in tourism fair in Berlin

Source:, Mar 12, 2009

A delegation of the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) and eight firms promotes the country as a tourist destination in the ITB Berlin, Germany, one of the most important fairs in the world, where is expected the attendance of 178 thousand visitors.

" The Europeam tourists are interested in our cultural offer and conservation"
said in a statement Carl-Fredrik Nordström, general subadministrator of the ATP.

Dubai interested in Panama

Source: Diariocritico Panama, Mar 11, 2009

Al Ahli Holding Group consortium evaluates local advantages. Consisting of nearly 20 companies engaged in various activities, emarati's have been exploring potential opportunities in Latin America and evaluating business opportunities offered by Panama.

The consortium Al Ahli Holding Group, was founded in the late 1960 in Dubai, and is dedicated to the field of real estate, construction, engineering products, shopping centers, cement, printing, plastic manufacturing, theme parks and strategic innovative developments, among other activities.

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