Why Panama

Panama: A Hidden Treasure

  • Population: 3.2 million
  • Climate: No hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes
  • Panama has a free democracy & stable economy

    1. Panamanian currency is the Balboa (PAB), which is fixed at parity with the U.S. Dollar (USD)
    2. Panama's stability & growth potential are being recognized by global corporations and organizations
    3. Panama has replaced Miami as the primary destination for Venezuelan exodus of professionals, talent and capital


  • Panama City is a cosmopolitan city with relatively low crime rates
  • Panama City's skyline is comparable to Miami's
  • Panama has world’s 2nd largest Free Trade Zone (after Hong Kong)
  • Panama has world-class healthcare facilities

"Panama's infrastructure is comparable to the United States'"

- AARP Modern Maturity

Global and Friendly Culture

  • English is widely spoken as a second language
  • Panamanians are known for their laid-back, fun-loving nature
  • As a result of 90+ years of U.S. presence, Panamanians are very open to foreign cultures and customs
  • Thousands of Panamanians have studied in the U.S. and / or worked for U.S. companies


  • Fishing, diving, snorkeling & sailing, Bird watching
  • Rafting, kayaking, motor boating and Golf
  • Panama City Attractions

    1. Business
    2. Historic Downtown (Casco Viejo)
    3. Night Life, Casinos, Golf
    4. Restaurants
    5. Eclectic and international cuisine
    6. Shopping
    7. Multiplaza Mall
    8. Multicentro Mall
    9. Albrook Mall